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Troubadour: Harry Sandler
Troubadour: Harry Sandler
An incredible saga, an extraordinary talent. These superlatives can only attempt to describe the evolution and career of Harry Sandler.

Harry auditioned for his first band, the Mods, in 1964 by drumming on a kitchen stool. He got the job, and spent the next couple of years evolving into a "teen idol." By 1967 he had moved into the "big time" as a founding member of Bostons seminal soft-rock group Orpheus, when his flamboyant style and exuberant drum solos were highlights of the group's live performances and endeared him to their fans. During this period Harry picked up the guitar and began to write songs; his very first effort, Magic Air, was featured on Orpheus' award-winning second album, Ascending.

In 1970, Harry spent several months drifting about North Africa. Discovering a battered acoustic guitar in a small village store, he began to seriously explore songwriting and singing and, by the time he returned home to front several area bands, these talents were in full swing.

Moving to California in 1976, Harry had a rather checkered career ranging from cue card boy on Wheel of Fortune and roadie for Sha Na Na to the management of several well-known television actors. He continued to write and sing, opening for the likes of Al Stewart, Hunter S. Thompson and Dennis Quaid, and appeared at the Hollywood Bowl with Robin Williams. Harrys most prolific time as a songwriter were the fourteen years he spent on the Coast; nearly all of the songs on this CD were recorded in Los Angeles.

Harry (and family) relocated to Florida in 1990, and then returned to Massachusetts a couple of years later. He has never stopped singing and playing and, in 2004, picked up the drums again as a founding member of Orpheus Reborn.

Harry's music is eclectic and very personal. Despite life's ups and downs, he has been able to maintain a "wide-eyed innocence" and optimism about life and its vagaries, which shine through in these compositions and performances.

Yes, Harry is a fantastic talent and entertainer, and also an extraordinary human being that we in Orpheus Reborn are proud to call a friend and brother.

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Put Out The Lights
The Late Night Blues
They Don't Know About Me
Candy-Coated Cowboy
Slip Like A Shadow
One Way Street
Falling In Love Again
Kick Us Around
Hollywood Boulevard

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