''Molnir the Hammer II (Ikhnon IX)'' - A poem by John Eric Gulliksen

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Copyright by John Eric Gulliksen
All rights reserved

a poem by John Eric Gulliksen

EARLY that evening
as Ikhnon settled himself down to rest
he did determine to become conversant
with Molnir the Hammer

And seating himself down upon a fallen log
he addressed himself unto Molnir the Hammer, saying

-Molnir the Hammer!
O thou fabulous intrument of carven stone!
Speak thou unto me, if thou wilt,
tell me of thyself!
for I shall listen
yea; with chastened and changed heart-

And ribbons of fire formed anew behind his eyes
and the voice of Molnir the Hammer once again manifested itself
behind his ears
and the words which it spake were these:

-I be Molnir the Hammer
forged in ages past by the magic of a mighty king
and the fires within the earth
and thy destiny and mine
O Ikhnon
are more inextricably bound together
than thou canst possibly conceive

Once before did I journey with thee
O Ikhnon
but in that time thou wert possessed
of a weak and frail nature
and ye were destroyed
before thy quest were even properly begun

But now thou hast returned
Verily, thou hast returned in strength to renew thy quest
and once again I
Molnir the Hammer
who hast waited ere long for thee
shall be thy companion-

But Ikhnon did cry

-What madness be this?
Never before have I traveled with thee
never before had I laid eyes upon thee
until I found thee within the rocks
And surely no man can ever say that
could ever have been possessed
of a weak and frail nature!-

-Yea, verily,
thou shalt hear of stranger things before thy quest is done
O Ikhnon!-

And Ikhnon cried
-But I know nothing of these matters of which ye speak!
Be I under the spell of an enchantment
that hath robbed me of memory?-

But Molnir replied quietly

-Nay, Ikhnon!
Thou art not bewitched!
These thintgs of which I speak be purest truth!
But I can explain no further for I have not the words

There be one wise and ancient sage, yet,
in this unenlightened world
Ekhmithnin by name
who can tell thee more than I
of these mysteries

And now I have spake enough for one evening-

And as night fell
Ikhnon, his mind filled with questions,
laid himself down
to sleep