''Woof'' - A poem by John Eric Gulliksen

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Copyright by John Eric Gulliksen
All rights reserved

a poem by John Eric Gulliksen

A while ago
I did a thing that I called Warp
and Warp was people

(as any student of the weaver's art can attest)
the thread
cross-woven with Warp
is Woof

and (as any child knows)
is the sound of a puppy-dog barking

and a dog is called an animal,
is it not?

When Warp and Woof are interwoven
the result is a while cloth

thus it has become necessary (to me)
to tell it like it is
interweaving Woof with Warp

I think that I've said enough -
either I am understood
or I am not

Fantasy, Mister Gulliksen?