'Trakmordin (Ikhnon VI)'' - A poem by John Eric Gulliksen

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Copyright by John Eric Gulliksen
All rights reserved

a poem by John Eric Gulliksen

NOW as it happened one day
as Ikhnon pressed onward
the world seemed to shift about him
and he found himself
within a small varicolored cubicle

and seated upon an iridescent silken cushion
he beheld a strange figure
small of body
large of head
who rocked back and forth upon his haunches

And Ikhnon fell down upon his knees
and addressed this apparition, crying

-Who art thou, O strange one?-

and the figure uttered but one word


And Ikhnon did then entreat him, saying

-What manner of ensorcelled place be this?-

and Trakmordin laughed

Then Ikhnon did cry again

-O sage! Why dost thou mock me?-

and Trakmordin laughed

Then Ikhnon sprang to his feet and shouted

-O Gods!
What is this thing that hast befallen me?-

and Trakmordin laughed

Then Ikhnon swung Molnir the Hammer
and fetched him a mighty blow
upon a shimmering wall
and clear sweet tones as of a great bell did rebound
increasing in intensity
until Ikhnon was buffeted to his knees

and Trakmordin laughed

Then abasing himself before the snickering gargoyle
Ikhnon cried out in supplication

-O wise and ancient one
I beg of thee
loose me from this accursed prison!-

and Trakmordin laughed

Angered beyond further words
Ikhnon leapt upon Trakmordin
and shattered his very skull with Molnir the Hammer

and as the creature slumped unto the floor
the walls of the enchanted cubicle crumbled
and blew away as wisps of smoke

and Ikhnon, freed,
fred precipitously from that place

and Trakmordin laughed