''Simon-Of-The-Trees (Ikhnon II)'' - A poem by John Eric Gulliksen

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Copyright by John Eric Gulliksen
All rights reserved

a poem by John Eric Gulliksen

AND so it was that Ikhnon the Mighty
passed by the bank of a swift river
and set foot into a marshland
by a quiet backwater

Upon finding him a dry hillock
Ikhnon did lay himself down to rest his limbs
which were wearied from the ardors of travel
and it was here that he did encounter
he which men have named Simon-Of-The-Trees

Tall and brown was Simon-Of-The-Trees
with a wrinkled skin that had weathered a thousand winters
and feet rooted deeply into the soil
upon which Ikhnon lay

Old and wise was Simon-Of-The-Trees
and he perceived that Ikhnon was indeed sorely perplexed
for his limbs did twitch in uneasy slumber

Only then did Simon put forth a gentle tendril
to enter the mind of Ikhnon
ease his dreams
and dwell upon his questions

And it came to pass that night
that the spark which was Ikhnon did espy this tendril
and flowed up it into the heart of Simon

-What is, O wise and noble one?
What is being?
What are you?
What am I?
What is?-

and this quiet query moved the patriarch
to aid the man in his quest


It was then that Ikhnon became a seed
nurtured by sun
watered by rain
and grew to be a mighty oak
who watched the legions of history
pass by beneath his boughs
and saw their futility

and while he reflected on this
was struck down by a bolt from heaven

And in the days which followed
Ikhnon became a flower
saw the beauty of himself mirrored in a dewdrop
and as he watched
knew it to wither and die

Again he grew
now a weed
and saw the beauty of others
and felt shame at his own ugliness
and yet
sensed the need of others for him

Now with wings and a small furry body
he saw earth through a million facets
and discovered wonder at being the carrier of new life
and sadness in knowing
that this was the harbinger of death

And at the last Ikhnon became
and knew his gentleness

flowing again down the fiber
the spark returned to the carcase
of the man Ikhnon
who was yet sleeping


And it came to pass
when the sun rose anew that morn
infusing warmth unto his limbs
that Ikhnon
arose and bid fond farewell
to Simon-Of-The-Trees