''Goodnight'' - A poem by John Eric Gulliksen

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Copyright by John Eric Gulliksen
All rights reserved

a poem by John Eric Gulliksen

Violet eyes, tear drops streaming
Cry, Theban maid
Seven bulls in dark clouds gleaming
in gold brocade

Jade green eyes, death forestalling
Seng, sweet Murreen
Hear my words, goodness falling
of red sateen

Yellow silver black or brown
bring me ever near to you
Let thine honor topple down
Tell me
who is dear to you?

and sun is lighted
glassed eyes be sighted
taste my kiss upon your lips
softly press

Warm brown eyes my heart is missing
Far from me, melting space
Gently touching, lips are kissing
shining lace

Cry no more
try no more
to be more than earth to me
you are all things
great and small things
all of heaven's worth to me

Hold me
touch me
whisper softly in my ear

Sigh a while
sleep a while
admit not the lonely tear

Having and loving you
is all

my love