''Reflection'' - A poem by John Eric Gulliksen

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Copyright by John Eric Gulliksen
All rights reserved

a poem by John Eric Gulliksen

Reflected in pallid opalescence
robins egg blue
myriads babble
and for a time you are hidden from me

Aching, the egg cracks
a rivulet of earthenness escapes
into high relief

track, track or pawprint
who is this that travels?

in its eyrie, silently brooding
the space of heartbeat
pearly gleaming
a shade of color peers
quickly hidden from the warriors

brain hurting from savage thrusts
river - flotsam - jetsam
crowding a tear

you were hidden in tarnished silver
beaten gold

life stirs
but moments snatched are returned to their hiding place
while in jaded opalescence
the myriads babble
spit at flowers
crush them -

wash clean my nakedness
over the newborn in shades of pink and blue

pillow me upon your breast
kiss my eyes
and lock the door

all is warm with me