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We Are The 99%

On Friday, October 6, we'll be splitting a bill with Ron Israel at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse, 565 High Street in Dedham. This will be a program of Social Justice and Liberation Music. Come on down! Starts at 8 PM.

Oct 6 2017

The Stephen and The Snake CD Virtually Indestructible has finally been released! Check it out here.

Virtually Indestructible - album art

Our friend Michael Gutierrez-May has recently finished and released a new CD, entitled Firefly In A Jar Of Emotion. Snake produced it, and both of us performed on it. Check it out here.

Firefly In A Jar Of Emotion - album art

Friday, June 23, is World Wide Music Day. Snake, Colette O'Connor, Mike Doyle, Carolyn Griffin, and Hal York are planning a special "on-line house concert." This will be streamed, live, from Colette's living room, from 7 to 9 PM, and is to benefit Musicians Without Borders, an organization that hopes to bring people together through music. We're also expecting a special guest, David Jackson. Join us on-line!

World Wide Music Day

In December of 2016, Snake did a feature performance at the Sandywoods Center for the Arts in Tiverton, Rhode Island. We were fortunate in that Michael O'Dwyer agreed to record it - we've posted the entire performance here.

IMG has released another in its Here's A Song (You Might Have Missed) series of compilations. Volume 23 includes Monkey Demon by Orpheus / Stephen. Check it out!

Here's A Song 23

We've located and posted the original demo for the Orpheus tune Lesley's World, written by Lesley Miller and her father, Bernie Miller. Check it out on the Cover Versions page.

We're just finishing up the Stephen and the Snake Band CD; it's in post-production and graphic design, and will be out soon. Snake is also working on a solo CD set, which will include songs and stories. This one is also in post-production for the most part; a couple of supporting instruments have yet to be added. Snake is also lead producer on Michael Gutierrez-May's album Firefly In A Jar Of Emotion, still adding backing tracks at the moment. The S&S Band album is being recorded at Sleestack's in Hull; Snake and Michael are recording at Knewts in Pomfret, CT.

The official DVD release of Moonwalkers (also see below) is out. The New York Times really panned this movie; the reviewer said that it was "the least funny comedy" he had ever seen. Our opinion: it's really awful. We can't imagine why anyone would have invested money to produce it. Don't waste your time.

Moonwalkers DVD

IMG has released another in its Parade Of Broken Hearts series of compilations. Volume 6 includes Whiskey Waltz by Stephen and Brown Arms In Houston by Orpheus. Check it out!

Parade Of Broken Hearts 6

K. P. Burke, circa 1970

We just learned of the passing of an old friend and one of Stephen's old bandmates. Kevin "K.P." Burke, who was an occasional member of Two Foot Lamb Door and the second incarnation of Orpheus, passed away on June 18 of 2015. K.P. played harp on several of the tracks on the fourth Orpheus album (the Bell album). We've posted a live track of Black Beauty by Two Foot Lamb Door, performed at UMASS in 1970, on which K.P. plays harp. From all accounts, he will be sorely missed, not only by friends and family, but by many members of the community of Charlestown RI as well. Rest in peace, friend.

K. P. Burke

Still another cover version of Can't Find The Time has turned up. This one, recorded by Pastimes around 1971, is a very interesting a cappella version. Listen to a clip here (scroll down; they're alphabetical by artist)).

Way back in 1963, when President Kennedy was assassinated, Tom Zagryn and Snake co-wrote and co-produced a record called The Man. This was a tribute to JFK. They reunited the folk trio of which Snake had been a part, called variously the Wanderers and the Minute Men, and recorded the song, plus a flip side, in the cellar game room of WPI's Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity on an old monaural Webcor tape recorder, with the group clustered around two mikes. They then drove to Philadelphia, where they placed the tracks with Swan Records, a major indie label of the time. The record was released internationally, but achieved only moderate success in Europe and none in the US. In 2006, the Swan catalog was bought out by a British company called Rollercoaster Records, which began to reissue the catalog for digital download (click here). In 2015 Rollercoaster successfully placed The Man in a cinematic film called Moonwalkers, starring Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint. Produced by a French firm, Partizan Films, it had its debut on March 14 of 2015 at the South By Southwest Film Festival. The official theatrical release is scheduled for August 5 of 2015.

Imagine that - fifty-two years later, a record made in a cellar on a beat-up old tape recorder is actually in a movie! What a kick! (click here). For more about the group, click here, here, here and here.


Our friends Andy and Judy Daigle have released their third CD, this one called Follow Your Dream. Snake was able to lay down bass tracks for six of the songs before getting knocked down by emergency surgery. Listen to clips here.

Follow Your Dream

Another cover version of Can't Find The Time has turned up. This one's from 2013, and is by Richard Walton. Check it out here (scroll down).

Snake went down for major surgery at the beginning of February and, inasmuch as he's the webmaster for this site, there haven't been any new postings for a while. He's now able to move about and has access to his computer, so more material will be forthcoming. The first new posting is a couple of songs from Roslindale 2015; check them out here.

On October 4, Snake accompanied singer-songwriter Colette O'Connor in a streamed live concert presented by Live From Center Stage in Dennisport. The first of what will be a whole bunch of archived songs from this performance is now available on YouTube.

We're having a problem embedding this at the moment, and suggest that you go to

On September 19 of 2014, we participated in a benefit for Lakota Kidz, an organization dedicated to providing assistance for the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation in Wanblee, South Dakota. This is one of the poorest communities in the United States. The video below shows our performance of John The Revelator, in which we were joined by Robin Huer, Johnny Aperto and Ed DeFord. Thanks to Ramshackle Entertainment for this!

A new compilation from the UK which includes Swamp Rat by Kenny and the Night Riders, from 1964, has appeared. This recording was co-written and co-produced by Tom Zagryn and Snake. Thanks to Tom for the heads-up.

Nuggets, Vol. 15

We've started working with an excellent lap slide guitarist named Robin Huer. Check out a couple of live tracks here.

Our friend John Olivere has just released his new CD Songs My Friends Wrote, which includes two tunes by Stephen. One is Stephen's own rendition of Whiskey Waltz from his 2000 CD Oroboros, while the other is John's rendition of The Past Is Gone. Check it out here.

Songs My Friends Wrote

Andy and Judy Daigle released their second CD Dragonfly in May of 2014. Snake provided accompaniment on all of the tracks. Listen to audio clips here.


We recently acquired an Asian release of the first Orpheus album. We've been told that the record company, "First Records," was set up by the US military to provide records to US servicemen stationed in the Far East, but we have not been able to find any confirmation of this or, indeed, any mention of "First Records" as a company. Therefore, our suspicion is that this release comprised pirated or bootlegged product. We'll continue to view it this way until we find out something concrete to the contrary. Check out the album cover and label here.

As some of you know, Stephen took a fall a few weeks ago, seriously bruising his trachea and larynx. He's thus been "out of pocket" for a while. Snake has been carrying the ball in the meantime, and will continue to do so until Stephen has recovered (which we hope will be soon).

Several people have contacted us recently with regard to a concert to be held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester this May. It's being billed as an "Orpheus Reunion" but, in fact, includes only one of the original members. The original group that put out the first three Orpheus albums, and the group that in fact performed with Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Who, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, The Rascals and Janis Joplin, etc., comprised Bruce Arnold, Jack McKennes, Eric "Snake" Gulliksen and Harry Sandler. Only Bruce will be participating.

As most of you know, there was also a fourth Orpheus album made after the original group fragmented. The "second Orpheus" included Bruce Arnold, Stephen Martin, Elliot Sherman and Howie Hersh. Stephen was the most important member of this group, since he wrote all of the songs. He'd also written several for the earlier Orpheus albums.

Unfortunately, the ad totally misrepresents the concert, and the statement representing it as a so-called reunion actually comprises fraud. The only member of the original group that will be there is Bruce Arnold; neither Jack, Harry nor Snake will be attending or performing. Stephen will not be attending or performing either.

That having been said, the music to be presented may be very good. However, if you're looking to hear and see the original Orpheus, save your money. Neither of us are mired in our Orpheus days, trying to relive our youth. For us, Orpheus is very far in our rear view mirrors.

We've replied to those who have contacted us, advising them of the situation. If you haven't done so and are unaware of the fraud, we apologize and suggest that you may wish to seek a refund.

Jimi Goodwin, bassist for the UK-based rock group Doves, has produced a new solo project entitled odludek, scheduled for relwase on Heavenly Recordings in March. One of the songs on this album, Keep My Soul In Song, utilizes the entire orchestration track from Monkey Demon, written by Stephen and recorded by Orpheus on the Bell album Orpheus (4). Listen to a clip here.


IMG has released another in its Here's A Song! series of compilations. Volume 22 includes Snake's tune A Little Game (Even Smaller Game) by Barbara St. Pierre. Check it out!

Here's A Song!, Vol. 22

We recently learned of the passing, in July of 2012, of Carmella (Gosselin) Morris, one of the members of the duo
The Chanelles, who were recorded by Snake and Tom Zagryn 'way back in 1964. Our sympathies go out to her friends and family.

Carmella (Gosselin) Morris

IMG has released another collection that includes By The Size Of My Shoes by Orpheus. Check it out here.


Another live 1968 recording of Orpheus has turned up! Listen to Just Got Back here!

IMG has released two new collections that include songs relevant to us. The first, entitled The Best of Here's a Song! © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 1 includes Can't Find The Time by Orpheus. The second, Here's a Cover Song © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 21 includes two versions of Congress Alley, the first by Orpheus and the second by the Alan Lorber Orchestra & Chorus featuring spoken word by Stephen. Find the details and track listings in the Iris Music Group catalog which you can access from the Swag page.

The Best of Here's a Song! © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 1

The Best of Here's a Cover Song! © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 21

We've added two more audio tracks to the archive. The first is a clip from a tape made at an Orpheus rehearsal in 1969; the group is performing Stephen's tune Shalla. Access it here. The second is a live recording from the Concert for Annette held in Raynham on April 13, 2013; a beautiful rendition of Sweet Survivor, performed by Rick Fetters accompanied by Snake. Snake has been accompanying Rick for several years, and also backs Rick with Andy & Judy Daigle in their folk trio Rick, Andy and Judy. Listen to Sweet Survivor here.

It is with sadness that we note the passing, on April 16, of JoAnn (Gagliano) McFarland of Merritt Island, Florida, after a long illness. She, along with friends Janet Kaye and Joanne Kahan, was a co-founder of the original Orpheus fan club 'way back in 1968. We extend our condolences to JoAnn's family and friends; may she rest in peace.

A live recording of Orpheus (one of the very few known to exist) - Congress Alley, live at Brandeis (March 23, 1968) - has turned up! Listen to it here!

We'd like to thank Alan Lorber and IMG for their wholehearted support of the Congress Alley Renewal Project (see below). Alan has produced two limited edition CD singles for the benefit of this project. The first, Congress Alley, includes the Orpheus version of Congress Alley and a version of Alan's own recording which features Stephen reading excerpts from his forthcoming book Congress Alley Confessions.

Congress Alley CD single

The second, entitled Congress Alley Vol. 2 - There's Love Over Here includes the Orpheus tune Love Over Here from Ascending as well as the Alan Lorber Orchestra & Chorus rendition of Congress Alley (without Stephen's narrative).

Congress Alley Vol. 2 CD single

The CDs will be available at the concert referenced below, and perhaps at other events or at other venues. Proceeds are for the benefit of the Renewal Project. Tunes are available online as well, at most digital outlets.

Although it's a long way off right now, RESERVE MARCH 30, 2013!
We'll be joining other "refugees" from Congress Alley for a REUNION CONCERT to be held at The Raven, 258 Pleasant Street in Worcester. This event is a BENEFIT for the Congress Alley Cleanup Project!. For those who don't already know, Congress Alley, which runs from Crown St. to Newbury St., was the heart of a creative community started by Stephen in 1967, and was made famous by the hit song Congress Alley, written by him and recorded by Orpheus and several other artists. This should be a real blast. Ms. Marci and Jim Hooper have already committed to perform; others are sure to follow! Stay tuned for further details!

IMG has released a new compilation, Here's A Song © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 17, which includes Stephen's performance of Big Green Pearl from the fourth Orpheus album. Details are here.

Here's A Song, Vol. 17

IMG has released another digital compilation, entitled Penny For The Minstrel, Volume 1. It includes Stephen's 2000 version of Whiskey Waltz and our rendition of Left Hand Right Hand. Particulars are here.

Orpheus Mono Mixes

Alan Lorber has tipped us off about another cover version of Can't Find The Time, this one a digital release by Mike Rey as a part of his Lunar Eclipse collection. This is one of the more unusual covers we've obtained; listen to a clip here.

Snake and Colette O'Connor have finished work on and posted Writing In The Sand, the title song for Colette's upcoming album. They also revisited Sooner Or Later, and posted the remix. You can listen to these (and other tracks) here.

We're the featured performers at Ed "the Duke of Uke" DeFord's new open mike at the Beachfire Restaurant & Bar, 42A State Park Road (right on Nantasket Beach) in Hull Wednesday, October 17. Come on down!

Our friends Andy and Judy Daigle have just released their first CD entitled Riverbend. Snake accompanied the pair on two tracks, which you can listen to here.


Snake has finished work on Sooner Or Later, another recording by Colette O'Connor, destined for her forthcoming Writing In The Sand album. You can listen to it (and other tracks) here.

IMG has released, for digital download only, some original mono vocal / rhythm mixes of songs from the fourth Orpheus album. You can listen to sample clips here. One of the tunes, Double Vision, written by Stephen and our friend Bob Bradford, hasn't been released before. Check it out!

Orpheus 4 Mono Vocal/Rhythm Mixes

IMG has released, for digital download only, the original mono mixes of the first Orpheus album. You can listen to sample clips here.

Orpheus Mono Mixes

Friday, August 10, we'll be joined by Ms. Marci and the Lovesick Hounds in a concert entitled A Congress Alley Blues Reunion at the Catbird Café (NE Wildlife Center, 500 Columbian Street in South Weymouth). This should be a blast! Doors open at 7 PM. Hope to see everyone there!

A Congress Alley Blues Reunion

Our friend Michael Gutierrez-May has recently digitally released a collection of live recordings of some of his humorous songs, titled Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun. Michael is truly unique, as are his tunes. Several of the cuts in this collection were recorded by Snake at the Catbird Café and he plays bass on two of these. Stephen provided backing vocals on two, and harp on one. Check them out here.

Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun

On June 30, 2012, the Hull Is No Place For Hate Committee (Hull, MA) released a benefit CD entitled The Heart Is No Place For Hate. Produced by Stephen Martin and Cinzi Lavin, the CD is a compilation of tunes by various Hull artists. Among several others, it includes two songs by Stephen and the Snake (Snake was deemed an "honorary Hullonian" for this purpose) and one by Ed "the Duke of Uke" DeFord, accompanied by Stephen and the Snake. This is a really good CD. You can find details and listen to the aforementioned three tracks here.

The Heart's No Place For Hate

IMG has released a new compilation, Here's A Song © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 13, which includes Stephen's performance of Sailors' Ghosts from his solo CD Oroboros. Details are here.

Here's A Song, Vol. 13

We're in the process of preparing and posting more live tunes, particularly from the Catbird Café. Check them out here.

On Friday, March 30, 2012, Snake opened for and accompanied Colette O'Connor in a concert presentation Have You Ever at the Catbird Café, NE Wildlife Center, 500 Columbian Street in South Weymouth. This was a great show!

Colette O'Connor concert poster

Recently Snake has been working with a Peter, Paul and Mary tribute group Rick, Andy and Judy. The group has released a limited edition demo containing selected tracks from a February 2012 concert in Taunton; you can listen to clips from these here.

IMG has released a new compilation entitled Something Called The Boston Sound, which includes both Congress Alley from the first Orpheus album, and Big Green Pearl (version 2) from the fourth. The latter is attributed to Stephen rather than Orpheus. Info is here.

Another new studio recording! Check out Black Beauty Blues (note that this is neither about a woman nor a horse!)

We're finally back on track with studio recordings. Check out Stevie Ray !

We've run across a live recording of Stephen's song Lucianne, performed by Bruce MacKay and Friends at Kelly's. Bruce was a founding member of Martin, MacKay and Schell in the early nineties. Also performing were Rick King, Ira Baron, Elliot Sherman and Tim Griffin. Elliot was a member of Orpheus (II), back in the day; Tim performed with them on several occasions. Both Elliot and Tim were also members of Clean Living.

Snake and Colette O'Connor have finished another track destined for Colette's album Writing In The Sand. Listen to Hide And Seek here.

We lost another old friend this past Sunday, December 4. John Lincoln Wright, who was one of the founding members and lead singer of the Beacon Street Union back in the Orpheus days, passed away after a long illness. The Union was also a part of the "Boston Sound."

After BSU, John went into country music and became one of New England's real stars with his group the Sour Mash Boys. Although we'd lost touch, we still mourn his passing.

John Lincoln Wright

For the past several months, Snake has been working with and accompanying a wonderful singer-songwriter named Colette O'Connor. They've recently begun the recording of several planned CDs; you can listen to the first completed song, Have You Ever, here.

Iris Music Group has just released a new compilation, Here's A Song! © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 15, Music From The Boston Sound ©, which includes Can't Find The Time by Orpheus. Details are here.

We encourage all of you to stand up against corporate greed and the ownership of our government by big business and the financial elite! Let your voices be heard! Support the Occupy movement in your area! WE ARE THE 99%!!

We had a ball at Roslindale Open Mike on October 10 - a capacity crowd! Many thanks to Neal Braverman and Mike Delaney for putting this on, and many more thanks to all of our fans and friends that showed up to make this such a success. We love you all!

On Monday, October 10, a young lady named Paisley Parker, who is a student at the University of Wisconsin / Eau Claire, will be featuring Orpheus on her Internet radio show called Friday On My Mind (note: the schedule shows this as being on Tuesday, but that's an error). The program "airs" from 3 to 5 CENTRAL time; if you're in the East and want to listen to it it'll be on from 4 to 6. Go to (note that there is NO "www" in the URL) and click on "Listen Live." We're going to record it and will post it when we get a chance.

ALSO on Monday, October 10, we will be the featured performers at Roslindale Open Mike, held at the Roslindale Congregational Church, 25 Cummins Highway in Roslindale. This should be a really good time; hope to see you there!

We appeared and performed on Deb Barron's show The Folk Spot, WCUW-FM (Worcester) on August 13. You can listen to our segment here. We performed three songs: Congress Alley and Stevie Ray, both written by Stephen, and Ramblin' Boy, written by Tom Paxton. You can access the songs here.

We've also found out that the area of Worcester known as Crown Hill is being designated as an historical site. This includes Congress Alley, which is to be rehabilitated (it's been fenced off and overgrown for the past several years) and opened for walk-throughs; word is that it will be marked with commemorative placques (although we haven't confirmed that yet). A bunch of us feel that the entire Congress Alley district should be designated a culturally significant historical site, with appropriate markers. That's some time off, but this at least is a start. Help us out and make your support known to the mayor and city manager.

We've found, and posted clips from, two more versions of Can't Find The Time. The first, which we found on ReverbNation, is a live recording by a band from Dedham called The Chick Magnets. The second is an instrumental version by Rich Goldberg, from his album Eclecticity. You can listen to them here (scroll down; these are in alphabetical order by artist).

The Video Beat has recently released a DVD compilation set called Folk In New York City, Vols. 5-7, which includes Orpheus' lip-synched performances at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village. More info is here.

We've posted a live performance of Torn Up Blues, written by the Bear (see below). This was recorded in Roslindale in July of 2011.

Yet another version of Can't Find The Time has appeared, this one a live recording by a group from the Bronx called Beau Beats. You can access a sound clip here (scroll down; these are in alphabetical order by artist).

Warner Brothers has finally released the movie Marlowe, starring James Garner, on DVD. "Why should we care?" you ask. Well, the original Orpheus, which included Snake, did the theme song for it. You can see the DVD cases and listen to a clip of the theme here.

It's with a deep and profound sadness that we bid "Farewell" to another musical legend. Walter "Bear" Zaremba was the blues on the South Shore. He was an extraordinary performer with fabulous charisma and a heart of gold. We performed with him many times in many places, including sitting in with his BareBones Band. We had even been talking about doing a studio CD together (we have some archived live stuff that we still need to mix down). We tragically lost him this Memorial Day weekend, and all that knew him will miss him. Rest in peace, friend.

Walter ''Bear'' Zaremba

Our friend Michael Gutierrez-May has released a new CD entitled Fifty Miles Away. Stephen plays harp on Groucho and provides background vocals on The Albino And The Transvestite. Details and song clips are here.

We've been able to confirm the existence and obtain a copy of another obscure cover of Can't Find The Time. This one was recorded in 1969 by a group called the Devonsquare Trio. You can access it here (scroll down; these are in alphabetical order by artist).

We had a really good time on Tuesday, February 22, when we did WATD-FM's Twilight Showcase again. This time we were joined by Dan and John Olivere, and by Victor "Moulty" Moulton, drummer from the mid-60s group the Barbarians (Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl). The show, hosted by Sandy Streid and Keith James, will air on Sunday, February 27 at 9 PM; 95.9 on your FM dial. If you live too far away, you can listen to a streamed version at
(click on "listen live"). It will also be archived on WATD's web site at some point in the fairly near future. An edited version will also be posted on our site; see the Press page.

WATD-FM's Twilight Showcase seems to have had a bit of trouble with its archives of past shows. Stephen's interview on January 9th (see below) still hasn't made it. However, the station ran an "encore presentation" on February 13; we recorded it ourselves and have posted it on our Press page.

On Monday, February 14, we're appearing on Hull Community Television's Cinzi Lavin Show (Comcast ch 10, Verizon ch 35). Stephen is the featured guest; Snake joins later in the show when the pair performs a couple of live numbers. The show will air at 7:30 PM and 9 PM. We understand that it will also be shown in Hingham, Maynard and Stow; check your local listings.

The Iris Music Group has released a remastered version of Orpheus' Joyful album (the third album). Previously, IMG had only offered this album as a digital download; this is a full CD release. Details are here.

Stephen, in his capacity as host of the Catbird Café Open Mike, will be featured on WATD-FM's Twilight Showcase Sunday evening January 9 from 9 to 10 PM. The show, hosted by Sandy Streid and Keith James, can be heard on the air at 95.9 FM and, if you live too far away, you can listen to a streamed version at
(click on "listen live"). Catbird regulars Jennifer McQuaid, John Olivere and Frank Ruzzano also participated. The show will also be posted in their archive a couple of days later (and will be posted here as well).

Our friend John Olivere has just released a new CD entitled Silence Is Consent. John is a Viet Nam veteran and Purple Heart recipient who is now in the forefront of the peace movement. Stephen plays harmonica on two of the CD's tracks; access them here.

We've posted more live tracks from Orpheus Reborn's 2006 performance at Johnny D's. Access them here.

The Iris Music Group has recently published Alan Lorber's first book, a largely autobiographical work of historical fiction entitles Benny Allen Was A Star. We've read it, and it's fascinating. You can read the first part of it here (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the book cover).

We've recently unearthed some live videos of Orpheus Reborn, recorded by David Rienks for Hull Community Television. Ultimately we plan to post these videos, but need to increase the storage capacity on our web host server in order to do so (it's in the works). Meanwhile, though, we've started to post the audio tracks. The sound quality is a little less than stellar because they were recorded using the camcorder's built-in mikes rather than from the board, but they're not bad. The first of these recordings, Congress Alley, recorded at Johnny D's in Somerville, can be accessed here.

IMG has recently issued three new compilations: Yes It's True, Volume 2, which includes Can't Find The Time by Orpheus; Indofusion Volume 1, which includes The Dream by Orpheus; and Indofusion, Volume 2, which includes Echo Of The Night by the Alan Lorber Orchestra. This last one is based on Alan Lorber's orchestration for the Orpheus recording of The Dream. As far as we know, this is the first time that this composition has been made available for digital download. All three of these compilations are only offered as digital downloads; follow the links above to find out where you can get them.

On August 15, 2010, we appeared on the radio program The Folk Spot on WCUW-FM (91.3 on your dial), hosted by
Deb Barron. We've archived it, and posted it on our Press page. Check it out. We chatted a bit, and did three songs "live."

We've recently acquired a copy of the X-Ceptions' 1971 LP Live At The Gables, which includes a cover version of
Can't Find The Time. Access it here (scroll down; these are in alphabetical order by artist).

Several months ago, a film crew from Burlington Community Access Television ( showed up at the Catbird Café to interview us and video one of our performances. We just got the word that a 1/2 hour program, Stephen and the Snake Live at the Catbird Café, will be airing, starting tonight (July 27) on their Public channel. This can be found on Comcast Channel 9, RCN Channel 3 and Verizon Channel 39. Don't have details as to the schedule, though. Check your listings. The interview will be aired on Richie Sarno's Turntable show in August. Again, check your listings. These are being aired in conjunction with the Music at Wayside Summer Concert Series (see below), and Verizon will also air them in several other towns.

On July 22, 2010, the South Shore music community lost one of its biggest supporters after a long battle with cancer. Osvaldo "Ozzie" Marinelli was a truly unique individual and a good and loyal friend. We will all miss him. Rest in peace, Ozzie.

Ozzie Marinelli

We've discovered another very obscure cover of Can't Find The Time, this one from 1971 by Dino Take Five. We haven't been able to obtain a clip, but you can see a shot of the record here. We've also posted shots of the UK release of the Rose Colored Glass's version on President Records, and of the reissue of this version on Solid Gold Records.

On Wednesday, August 25, we'll be closing out the Music at Wayside Summer Concert Series, held outdoors at the gazebo at Wayside Commons in Burlington. The Commons are on Wayside Road, Exit 33A off Route 128/95. You can find driving directions at the link above. We'll be performing starting at 7 PM; admission is free. Rain date will be the day following (Thursday, August 26). See you there!

Wayside Poster

We've posted a live version of Buried Alive With Snakes, recorded at the Catbird Café in South Weymouth.
Give a listen here.

We've posted a live version of One Day as well as a new live version of Heat Lightning, recorded at the Catbird Café in South Weymouth.
Give a listen here.

Iris Music Group has just released a new compilation Fire On Route 10, Volume 2, which includes Just A Little Bit by Orpheus. Details are here.

We've posted a live version of Breakdown Lane, recorded at the Catbird Café in South Weymouth.
Give a listen here.

We were featured on the Notty Wood Show on CyberStation USA on Thursday, April 1, at 2 PM. We chatted about our past and present musical efforts, and played some recorded stuff as well as some live tunes. If you missed it, it's now available for listening or downloading on our Press page.

We've posted a live version of Black Beauty, recorded at the Catbird Café in South Weymouth.
Give a listen here.

We've posted a live version of The Past Is Gone, recorded at the Catbird Café in South Weymouth.
Give a listen here.

We've posted a live version of Elephant, recorded at the Catbird Café in South Weymouth.
Give a listen here.

Iris Music Group has just released a new compilation Fire On Route 10 (Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness, which includes Brown Arms In Houston by Orpheus. Details are here.

We're going back into the studio on January 7, to begin recording a new version of Congress Alley and our "answer" to Can't Find The Time, called Let You Go. Don't look for anything on January 8, though. Post-production takes a majority of the time. We'll post these as soon as we're finished with them. You'll hear them here first!

Edward DeFord, the Duke Of Uke, has released a new CD on which he performs several of Stephen's songs.
Both Stephen and Snake join him on two of the live tracks.

Thanks to Janet Kaye, we have been able to add some new photos from 1968 to our Pics section.
Janet was one of the co-founders of the Orpheus Fan Club way back when.

IMG has announced the release of a New Edition of Orpheus Ascending, including newly remixed and remastered tracks. IMG's previous reissue of Ascending was for digital download only; physical CDs of the New Edition are already available.

IMG has also just released Here's A Song © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 10, including Stephen's rendition of Prove My Love (Biker's Serenade). This was originally released on his indie 2000 album Oroboros. Check it out!

Just discovered the existence of a 1971 MGM vinyl anthology called The Core Of Rock, Volume 3, which includes Brown Arms In Houston. Haven't found the cover art yet, but we're looking.

A while ago, on July 10, to be exact, we did a benefit concert at the New England Wildlife Center. Ed DeFord, the "Duke of Uke", shared the bill with us.

The three of us performed the last song of the evening, Stephen's tune Black Beauty, together. Len Jamiol recorded a video, which is now on YouTube. We missed a cue or two, but had a lot of fun doing it - and here it is for your enjoyment!

You can watch it in "high quality" if you go to YouTube itself:

We've posted a live version of Heat Lightning, recorded in Roslindale (MA) this past May.
Give a listen here.

The Iris Music Group has just announced the release of two more CD compilations. The first of these, Parade Of Broken Hearts, Vol. 4: A Little Game, includes A Little Game (Even Smaller Game) by Barbara St. Pierre and Birdz Sessions, and Whiskey Waltz, by Stephen. The second compilation, Mind Flowers, Vol. 2: Changes includes Even Autumn, by Stephen. Details are in the IMG section of our Swag page.

Snake's tune Even Smaller Game has been retitled A Little Game (Even Smaller Game), and listed as being performed by Barbara St. Pierre & Birdz Sessions. This is because it is being considered as a possible title song for the forthcoming Ang Lee film A Little Game; we hope that the retitling will improve our chances. The song has also been selected for inclusion in two new IMG compilations: Here's A Song © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 9, and Parade Of Broken Hearts, Vol. 4. Here's A Song is being pressed even as we write this (July 27, 2009); the second compilation will follow soon after.

The Here's A Song compilation also includes Proud Woman by Gregory Havrilak, which Stephen wrote in 1970 and which was released as a United Artists single, no. 50818. For some reason that isn't clear to us at the moment, it's being listed as performed by Greg Harris. Same record, though.

Way back in 1969, while Orpheus was recording the Joyful album, Snake wrote the music to a Latin song but, strangely enough, didn't finish the lyrics until 2008. The Birdz Sessions began work on recording it in that year, and just now have finished it. The lead was sung by Barbara St. Pierre, who did an incredible job. The song is called Even Smaller Game; you can listen to it here.

New in the Records section are two live sound clips by a trio called "Basic Bear," on which Snake plays bass. These were recorded at an impromptu performance in Roslindale, MA; the three guys had never before played together as a unit. Check them out here.

We've posted a live version of Left Hand Right Hand, recorded in Roslindale (MA) this past May.
Give a listen here.

We just stumbled on the fact that the erstwhile Steve Kaczorowski (see below) passed away on March 17, 2009, after a lifelong battle with hemophilia. Our sympathies go out to his friends and family. No matter what else might be said, he was certainly a unique individual.

Stephen is writing his autobiography False Memories, and we're proud to present
Chapter 1 of Book I in our Prose section.
This is very powerful stuff.

We've also begun to post Snake's poetry in the Poems section.
More are added almost on a daily basis.

Thanks to our new friend Patrick the Lama at, we now have - and have posted clips from - the Steve Kaczorowski/Steve Drake versions (see below) of Big Green Pearl and Rainbow Peddler. Check 'em out!

The Iris Music Group has released another new CD compilation - Here's A (Film) Song! (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 6 - which includes several Orpheus performances. Details are here.

Just about a month ago, on December 5 of 2008, to be exact, we made the statement that "the web is a continual source of amazement." Never could have imagined how true that would turn out to be - you have to check out "The Strange Case Of Steve Kaczorowski." Start here! Perhaps even more amazing than the story itself is the fact that we were able to find and post a clip of one of these songs (Monkey Demon)!

Iris Music Group has just announced the release of a new Best Of Orpheus compilation. Details are here.

There's another new IMG CD anthology; this one's called Mind Flowers ...and Other Psychedelic Seductions and includes Stephen's tune Monkey Demon. Details are here.

Heat Lightning has been selected for inclusion in the new IMG CD Collection Parade Of Broken Hearts, Vol. 2.
Details are here.

The Web is a continual source of amazement. We just discovered that the masters to the 1963 records by The College Boys, originally released on Swan Records, were acquired by an English company, Rollercoaster Records, in 1988. They released the two sides for paid download in 2006 on Napster and eMusic!
Makes us wonder... what else is out there?

Physical CDs of Heat Lightning and Left Hand Right Hand are now available. Click here for more info.

Heat Lightning and Left Hand Right Hand are now available for "legitimate" high quality digital download from iTunes, eMusic,, Napster, the LimeWire Store and
Keep watching for more new stuff!

Welcome to our new web site! Obviously, we still have a lot of work to do. We'll be adding content as quickly as we can, and want this site to be a real "connection point" between us and our loyal friends and fans.

Meanwhile, we're quite excited to announce that we have joined the Iris Music Group stable of artists, working again with Alan Lorber, our producer from the Orpheus days! Our first recordings, a single including the songs Heat Lightning and Left Hand Right Hand, will be released shortly. You can listen to low-resolution versions of these tunes on our Music page; we expect "proper" versions to be available for digital download, world-wide, by the end of November. Stay tuned!