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The Complete Orpheus: Bruce Arnold, Jack McKennes, Eric Gulliksen, Harry Sandler, Stephen Martin, Elliot Sherman, Howard Hersh, K.P. Burke, Bernard Purdie
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I've Never Seen Love Like This
Lesley's World
Congress Alley
Music Machine
Doorknob Song
I'll Stay With You
Can't Find The Time
Never In My Life
The Dream
Big Green Pearl
Monkey Demon
It Gets Worse Every Time
I Wanna Be Your Lover
By The Way
Sweet Life
(Bonus Track)
Tomorrow Man
Rainbow Peddler
I'll Be There
Big Green Pearl (reprise)

I'll Fly
Just Got Back
Mine's Yours
Don't Be So Serious
So Far Away In Love
She's Not There
Love Over Here
Just A Little Bit
Walk Away Renée
Magic Air
By The Size Of My Shoes
Me About You
May I Look At You
To Touch Our Love Again
Lovin' You
Brown Arms In Houston
As They All Fall
I Can Make The Sun Rise
Of Enlightenment

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