Stephen Martin & Eric Gulliksen (a.k.a.''the Snake''
Stephen Martin                                       Eric Gulliksen (a.k.a. the Snake")


Both of us were members of the soft-rock band Orpheus, which was active from 1968 until 1972. During that time, Orpheus released three albums and four singles on MGM Records, and one album and one single on Bell Records, all produced by musical legend Alan Lorber.

Although we had been out of touch for many years, starting in 2004 we performed and recorded together in the reconstituted Orpheus Reborn. Late in 2007 we began a "side project" which we called (logically)
Stephen & the Snake. This is now our primary musical focus.

Our music is a unique composite of multiple genres including folk, rock, blues, jazz, gospel and reggae. We've been signed to Alan Lorber's Iris Music Group, which released our first recordings in late 2008.

This web site is intended to let you get to know us, through biographical sketches, musical histories, photos and reminiscences. We've also presented a raft of audio clips from recordings that we've made over the years, and a bunch of prose and poetry as well. We hope you enjoy what you find, and we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a note at

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