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Stephen & the Snake (Stephen Martin & Eric Gulliksen)
Photo: Ed DeFord

Both Stephen Martin and Eric "the Snake" Gulliksen were members of the soft-rock group Orpheus, which was active from 1968 until 1972. During that time, Orpheus released three albums and four singles on MGM Records, and one album and one single on Bell Records, all produced by musical legend Alan Lorber.

Starting in 2004, the guys performed and recorded together in the reconstituted Orpheus Reborn. Late in 2007 they began a "side project" which they called Stephen & the Snake, that has now become their primary musical focus.

The pair's music is a unique composite of multiple genres including folk, rock, blues, jazz, gospel and reggae.
Signed to Alan Lorber's Iris Music Group, their recordings also make extensive use of ambient sound to paint auditory pictures with strong messages.

Together or separately, Stephen and the Snake have had recorded performances and / or compositions released
on more than thirty-seven different labels.

Stephen Martin

Stephen Martin
Photo: Eric Gulliksen

Born February 22, 1946, in Worcester, MA.
Full name: Stephen Benjamin Martin
Attended Worcester State College and Clark University,
both in Worcester, MA.
Married to Kathe.
Three daughters: Crystal, Corrie and Mika.
One grandchild: Kane.
Provides vocals,
plays guitar, harmonica and baritone ukulele.

Stephen Martin, often called the "fifth voice" of the original Orpheus and a performing member of that group's "second incarnation," brings his guitar, wailing harp and "slithery" voice to the duo. Called the "Poet Laureate" of Congress Alley (the controversial creative community that he founded in Worcester, MA), his incredible word imagery and strange melodies provide the foundation for the sound of Stephen & the Snake. His career has included touring with major artists as well as independent record production, and his songs and performances have been issued on many different labels in addition to his efforts with Orpheus. He is also a freelance writer and a political activist, very much involved in the struggle for Native American equality.

A more complete biography can be found on the History page.

Eric "the Snake" Gulliksen

Eric Gulliksen (aka ''the Snake'')
Photo: "Skip" Flem

Born May 4, 1942, in Jersey City, NJ.
Full name: John Eric Gulliksen
Awarded BSEE and MMgS&E degrees by WPI and an MBA by Clark University,
both in Worcester, MA.
Two daughters: Kirsten and Kerry.
Four grandchildren: Conor, Owen, Daniel and Elyse.
Provides vocals,
plays bass guitars (4-, 5- and 8-string fretted, 5-string fretless) and 6- and 12-string guitars.

Eric Gulliksen (aka "the Snake") was a founding member of Orpheus and contributes a unique bass guitar style, sound and artistry to the music of Stephen & the Snake. He is a veteran of many rock bands and folk groups, and has been an independent record producer and promoter with performances or compositions released on more than a dozen different labels in addition to those recorded with Orpheus. After Orpheus he worked in 23 foreign countries, been a music collector and archiver, and run a very popular mobile DJ service. He is also a writer, poet and lyricist, and an inventor with 17 patents to his credit.

A more complete biography can be found on the History page.